Chain Link Principle


Chain Link Principle

This principle enables individuals or couples within a Community to launch a new Community without loss of their “family,” or home church. Without fearing loss of relationship and community, others are more willing to step out and gather believers and seekers together within their own sphere of influence, birthing a new Community. The cultural norm we desire in each Community is that every person will be linked with two home churches: their “family of origin” and their own “nuclear family.” These communities interact with other “extended family” at periodic “family reunions” that may meet quarterly or as often as monthly. 

Chain Link Practice

  • This is the primary means of developing a multiplying network of Communities. 
  • Every believer should consider themselves a missionary fellowship planter. 
  • Communities remain connected organically rather than institutionally. 
  • The Home Community, or “family of origin,” help support their members in the launching of new Communities, or  “nuclear families.”
  • There is no timeframe for when this should happen. Prayerfully seek God’s timing.
  • In addition to launching new communities locally, outreach to other cities or people groups regionally,  nationally, and internationally, should be part of every communities Mission. 


The RFN logo is representative of each individual/couple community member being involved in two communities. This is what creates an organic, relationship-based network of communities rather than being institutionally connected. The chain link stylized logo serves as a constant reminder that we all have a responsibility to establish our own nuclear family while remaining connected to our original family.

This is also the reason we recommend following the uniform reading schedule. If you are involved in two groups each week, it is easier if you have the same larger Scripture section to read even if each group has a different focus section.

The middle portion of the video below illustrates graphically the chain link principle.