Restoration Network Original Music

Explanation of Original Music

This music was created by Restoration Fellowship Network. We encourage other home-church networks to also create music for their own tribe. The music here has been created with the aid of multiple AI programs and processes, which made it possible for even a small group to be creative, and develop their own music. Before embarking on this type of project, be aware that each song may take hours of time to finalize, including: germinate the idea, create lyrics, edit lyrics, try innumerable music renderings with constant fine tuning, doing some minimal mastering, creating cover art, and adding it to a website and/or streaming music distribution. 

We do own the copyright for the lyrics, music, and cover art. Please respect this.

If you use the title link, you will be directed to various streaming services as well as a sample of the song. Not all songs may be available to stream. Linking on the picture will take you directly to the MP3 music file itself. Select “Preview” to listen.

Check back periodically for new releases. Enjoy!

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